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Tips For Moving During Peak Moving Season

Are you planning to move during peak moving season? With the majority of movers being busy during this time frame, you can bet there will be plenty of moving trucks on the road and new neighbors moving in. If you decide to move to a new home during peak moving season, here’s what you need to know. 1.Book your movers and choose a date asap Make sure to book your movers as far out as possible, in order to

How to find cheap movers near me?

Stop asking yourself, “Where can I find cheap movers?”, and learn how to find a perfectly affordable moving company that still offers great moving services. Check below steps 1.Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations Your hunt for cheap local or cross country movers should begin within your immediate circle of family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors.Whenever a moving company in Nairobi is recommended to you, be sure to ask exactly the person if he/she was left satisfied with the moving

How to Pick the Best Moving Company

How do you find the best moving company. To save yourself any uncertainty, just follow our tips below. Start Locally Look for moving companies that are local to you. Go a step further and check out their offices in person if you can. If you visit them and can speak with someone in person, there’s a much smaller chance they’ll take advantage of you. Get Quotes and Compare Rates Everyone knows that the price of something isn’t always reflective of

Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

Moving out for the first time can often a difficult task. You may feel scared of moving out for the first time simply because you’ve never done it before. Kindly consider below factors when moving out for first time. 1.Create A Moving To-Do List With no previous house moving experience, you’ll probably find it really difficult to figure out where to start. You just need to write down all the things you have to do, and then start working on those

Tips For Hiring Quality Movers

With several movers in Kenya you probably need to choose the best movers. Movers in Nairobi,Mombasa and Kisumu operate on various basis hence you should consider below while hiring quality movers. 1. Get a moving inventory A reputable moving company will take inventory of all your items determine the bulk and weight of your move. Moving rates are based on the volume of your items. Hence the need for an inventory. 2.Get a thorough walk A reliable moving company  will ask questions

How To Find Best Movers In Nairobi Kenya

If you are looking for the best movers in Nairobi to take care of your move.Then you must be more careful to settle on a professional moving company. After all you don’t only want to find only cheap movers but to hire a full service moving company. 1.Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations Your hunt for best movers should begin within your immediate circle of family members, friends and colleagues.These are the very people you can trust and whom you