When faced with a move, especially for the first time you may start recalling stories about professional movers or misinformation you may have heard regarding the experience with others. Just keep in mind that most of these stories are exaggerations, and that most movers are extremely reputable. These five myths about professional movers.

Myth #1: All Moving Companies Are Alike

Most people think all moving companies in nairobi are created equal. Not only do they offer different pricing and have different reputations they also may offer different services. One may offer just standard moving services such as local residential and business moves while others offer it all from packing to moving

Other things that can differ include experience level costs, safety of belongings and dependability. This is why it’s important to research a few companies before you make a commitment

Myth #2: Your Belongings Will Get Lost or Stolen

While no one is saying these incidents can’t happen they are rare. Most movers in kenya have one goal to get your belongings from one home to another undamaged. They don’t want to deal with angry homeowners. This is why they do all they to protect your stuff while it’s in their care.

If they offer packing service you can bet they will wrap and protect your items with the utmost care so they make the move easy. They also use equipment to ensure easy transport of delicate furniture, such as using blankets and sliders.

Myth #3: There’s No Need to Organize or Label Boxes

This is the biggest myth out there. Just because you have hired professional movers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize and label your boxes. This helps everyone involved in moving day from you and your movers to any friends and family who may be helping you out. Neatly pack all boxes and then label each one in detail on the tops and sides. Don’t just list the contents, though.

Wrote down where the box should go, i.e kitchen, 1st floor bathroom, etc. Proper labeling will also help your movers place boxes by priority in the truck so that a heavy box of books isn’t placed on top of your fragile collectibles.

Myth #4: It’s Cheaper to DIY Your Move

You may think you’re saving a few bucks by moving yourself but the truth is, professional movers can actually save you money. Think about the time and resources you are using up to pack and move all your stuff on your own.

Then there’s the very real possibility you can damage your stuff. You don’t have the experience or knowledge to properly pack furniture and fragile items, and you don’t have the equipment necessary to move large items such as pianos. Damage to any of the items can be very expensive.

You could end up paying even more than you would by hiring a professional mover in the first place.